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Snow and Ice Removal – Not an Expense, but an Investment

It might seem a bit out there to view snow removal and comprehensive snow plowing services as an investment in one’s business. Most business owners see snow removal, ice dam removal, ice melt, deicing, and sidewalk snow removal as a necessary winter maintenance tasks, but certainly not as an investment.

How Snow Plowing and Ice Removal is an Investment in Your Business

A savvy business owner knows that the key to keeping a business successful and prospering in the cold winter months lies in ensuring that customers continue to come into the front doors of the company. The key to beating the winter doldrums lies in creating a frenzy for productivity and a high energy work environment. All of this is done so that no one stops to notice how cold and snowy it is outside. The servicing of customers ensues with a happy, pleasant energy.

Snow plowing is a big part of making and keeping a business presentable through the winter season. So is ice removal. All of these maintenance activities are crucial in keeping your property performing just as though it were midsummer.

Look at it this way. If your potential customers have two choices, you or your competitor, and your property is:

  • Beautifully snow-plowed, deiced, sidewalks cleared and dry, entryways, breezeways and walking paths beautifully buffed and free of snow, ice, corrosive rock salt, and no ice dams above.

And your competition’s property is:

  • Snow drifts everywhere, making driving into the location difficult and walking to the storefront next to impossible, ice everywhere, making even a courageous walk to the storefront a dangerous task.

In this scenario, who do you think your customer is going to choose?

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some of the common questions that we get asked about snow and ice removal:

  • What is the best deicer to use?
  • We strongly support the use of eco-friendly deicing agents. We only use environmentally-friendly deicer. Our product is known as a “green deicer.” We use a unique mixture of sodium chloride that is mixed with a simple magnesium chloride additive for added efficiency. This product is not harmful to the environment, it is not corrosive to vehicles or toxic to plant life, and it is more efficient than traditional rock salt. It melts snow and ice far below zero degrees Fahrenheit, something that rock salt struggles to do.
  • Is driveway snow removal a part of the contract?
  • Absolutely! Our technicians will remove snow from your property’s driveway, parking lot, sidewalks, walking paths, porches, breezeways, entryways, decks, etc.
  • What is an ice dam? What is ice dam prevention?
  • An ice dam is a buildup of melting water that freezes into ice at the very edge of a roof’s eave. This ice buildup is hazardous as it is positioned to slide off the roof and come crashing down to the ground below – a significant health hazard to anyone who might be walking beneath. Ice dam prevention involves first removing existing ice and then applying pretreatments to the roof to ensure that ice dams do not form again.
  • Where can I find local snow removal companies?
  • Right here! Smart Scapes LLC is the leading name in expert, comprehensive, fair, and reliable snow removal service in your neighborhood.

Make the Winter Enjoyable Again – Smart Scapes LLC Solves the Task of Finding a Reliable and Local Snow Plowing Service

Searching the internet for “Snowplowing near me,” or “Snow removal services near me,” or “Snow removal equipment”? Let your search come to a close with Smart Scapes LLC. Call our office today at (615) 274-8216 to set up a free consultation. We are the best local snow plowing service, and we will take fantastic care of your property this winter.

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